IWebDev empowers companies to bring engaging and personalized experiences within the entire digital customer journey at any touchpoint, at any time.


  • At IWebDev we support large scale fast-growing ecommerce businesses with machine learning, big data, decision support and other enterprise tools to enable orchestration of people, systems and data, as well as real-time personalization. Uncompromising security, high scalability, and integrity of the solutions we design facilitate the ecommerce management process, reducing total cost of ownership and speeding up time-to-market.

  • We help merchants ensure their customers get a consistent brand experience spanning across all channels and devices they use. We deliver integrated solutions for omnichannel retail that allow companies to maintain strong offline presence, as well as leverage the capabilities provided by modern mobile channels to engage new buyers, achieve higher availability and exposure, and build strong customer relationships.

  • The Connected Customer concept forms a solid foundation for retailers to stay ahead of the ever-changing customer expectations. IWebDev delivers advanced mobility solutions, self-care applications, personalization and lead generation tools, along with loyalty programs and decision support systems, fostering smart data-driven interactions and enabling new forms of engagement with technology-empowered customers.

  • Our business intelligence and data mining expertise helps us address the challenges companies face when dealing with massive data sets coming from consumers and prospects. IWebDev builds smart analytics and reporting tools for ecommerce to provide a real-time 360-degree view of your customers and operations, bringing actionable data at your fingertips to optimize inventory, improve conversion rates and ensure effective targeting.

Core areas

  • Online storefronts, Marketplaces & Auctions

    Consumer goods web stores, multi-vedor B2B marketplaces, trading networks or digital auction platforms - IWebDev are expert in delivering online solutions for any product or service type, ensuring high usability qand adoptability to improve overall user experience and so increase the value of your service.

  • Booking

    With flexible booking engines, direct payments and integrated up-sell tools our applications make reservation and ticketing process more convenient and streamlined, so your customers are able to book appointments, vehicles, or rooms in no time, while you reap the benefits from lower customer support efforts and increased turnover.

  • E-procurement

    IWebDev redirects its expertise in ecommerce and logistics domains onto the procurement and supply management area, enabling complete purchase order, requisition and procure-to-pay automation to drive spend visibility, efficiency, and control along with improved supplier relationships within your supply chain.

  • Billing & Payments

    IWebDev delivers end-to-end systems for online billing and payment to automate accounts payable and eliminate the complexity of recurring billing. Be it custom receipt management tool development or payment gateway integration, we ensure complete fraud prevention, security and PCI DSS / PA DSS standards compliance.

  • Fundraising

    Implementiang solutions for reward or equity crowdfunding, online investing or peer-to-peer lending, we help clients grow their ventures without turning to conventional investment channels. We also take care of third-party integrations to ensure the delivered fundraising tool is fully in line with your business model.

  • Customer Service

    We develop our customer service solutions with a focus on omnichannel support to enable consumers interact throughout the online shopping journey in the form of their choice, be it a live chat or a self-service tool. This allows business to address customer requests faster and more efficiently, thus enhancing customer experience and loyalty.

Enterprise Retail: SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris embraces the entire range of B2B and B2C sales needs, starting from product management to omnichannel fulfillment and analytics. Working with enterprise clients, IWebDev helps launching and extending SAP Hybris solutions, ensuring seamless connection with existing SAP infrastructure, easy integration with a third-party one, and system configuration to provide coherent shopping, customer care, and marketing experience for end-customers. To drive even more business value, we take advantage of real-time big data analysis tools like SAP Hana, bringing valuable insights for a fully personalized approach towards each customer.

IWebDev helps implementing and maintaining SAP Hybris solutions, addressing the entire range of B2B and B2C sales needs.

    Clients considering SAP Hybris for Ecommerce
  • Analysis and consulting
  • SAP Hybris implementation
  • Maintenance and support
    Clients already working with SAP Hybris
  • Existing solution modification and enhancement
  • Independent quality testing
  • Maintenance and support
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All-Round Retail Support



  • Supply chain
  • Orders
  • Inventory
  • Finance
  • Shipping & Delivery


  • CRM & Marketing
  • Loyalty programs
  • Customer support
  • Claims and returns


  • Data warehousing
  • Predictive analytics
  • Business Intelligence






  • Security

    Our independent security experts are involved into every project throughout the development cycle to execute continuous security checks and so ensure the complete safety of the final solution.

  • Performance

    We investigate and plan infrastructure's scalability and performance aspects from the early architecture design stages to engineer successful systems that evolve as your business grows.

  • Usability

    All-round user experience analysis is one of the key principles system design and development at IWebDev are built on, resulting in user-centric, easy-to-use interfaces and intuitive interaction patterns.

  • Internationalization

    IWebDev helps retail and wholesale businesses expand globally by enabling multi-language and multi-currency support, as well as different payment and delivery methods.


  • Extended Stayer

    Extended Stayer is a website consisting of three modules: consumer module, hotelier module and administrator module, each responsible for a corresponding user type and its actions. Consumer module is designed for the website visitors who are going to travel and want to book a hotel. Hotelier module is responsible for managing hotels, room information and room availability status.

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  • DutyCalculator

    DutyCalculator is a convenient service enabling customers to check their potential tax liability on a wide range of products before making purchases from abroad. The website also provides APIs for merchants to perform import tax calculations for their shopping carts and easily prepare all the necessary paperwork required by customs.

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  • Fermoie is an online shop for fine fabrics for home use. Intended for design and furniture manufacturing companies, as well as people who want to make their homes cozy and well-decorated, the solution provides top-notch functionality for online ordering and purchasing accessories like cushions, lampshades and even furniture made from the fabrics. 

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  • Online Fashion Marketplace

    A comprehensive marketplace allowing companies in the fashion industry promoting their brands and sell their products online. The website also provides customers with the ability to select specific products from different vendors and group them into lists.

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  • Enterprise-Level Product Catalog

    Intended for the use of a distributor's sales team, the application presents detailed product information either in catalog or price list formats. The images and data for the catalog are imported from an in-house ERP system, which allows keeping all the information always relevant and up-to-date.

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  • Local In-Season Food Finder

    A location-based mobile application that acts as a one-stop shop for relevant information on locally sourced food. It helps keep consumers updated on everything they need to know to eat locally, including information on foods that are in season and farmers’ market locations. The application provides users with an ability to access Wikipedia for additional information on related subjects, as well as Epicurious recipes, also allowing to share finds on Facebook, rate the best sellers, follow other users and comment on their posts.

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  • Ditto Advertising

    Ditto Advertising provides a great way for companies of any field to promote their products and services more efficiently.  In this app, a built-in slot machine spins when users message each other. If the generated scores reach the defined criteria, users get a discount from a participating company – while the company gets a promotion of its product or service.

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  • Auction Network

    A complex live auction platform, allowing its users to browse through a plethora of goods from multiple online auction sites. Users can put up for auction art, automobiles, real estate and other objects and buy items participating in live auctions worldwide. One of the solution’s highlights is the live video feed available in user's browser, which provides an opportunity to watch the auction bidding in the real-time.  

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  • IvanDostavkin

    A food delivery service with its own call-center which provides both web and mobile access to the system. The solution features an intuitive, beautifully designed product catalogue, allowing customers to order food from different restaurants based on multiple criteria like delivery time, location or minimum order amount. 

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  • Lunch Calling

    Lunch Calling is a socially-powered delivery website designed for gourmet lunch truck movement. The platform provides convenient online ordering functionality to streamline food truck delivery processes in major metropolitan areas. And with its built-in social networking capabilities, the solution also provides for group ordering, allowing colleagues and partners to generate group orders by firm or office building. 

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  • NeilLane

    A simple yet stylish e-commerce website developed for a world famous jewelry designer Neil Lane. The solution’s core is an intuitive product catalog divided into multiple subsections according to the existing collections, product types etc. Apart from browsing through designer jewelry pieces, users can view news feed and designer’s bio.

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  • SellingHive

    SellingHive provides a secure environment for companies and sales professionals to meet, negotiate, and close business. Its social networking tools make these connections for a specific purpose - to grow sales. This collaboration creates opportunities for sales that may never have existed before. Sales people benefit by providing the relationship and interaction for the business. The businesses close more business with the SellingHive network.

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  • Regiondo

    Germany’s leading website for tickets selling. The first development phase served to enhance scalability and reliability of the existing application and focused on reseller backend refactoring, new design implementation, Google maps integration and Zend form validation. The second one included Magento platform update, code refactoring, information architecture optimization and mobile application creation. The whole process was well-documented (FDS, wireframes, prototypes) and fully covered with QA testing.

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  • Fashion and Luxury Store

    A stylish online magazine designed for a fashion and luxury store. Fashionistas can read articles written by world-famous couturiers, explore new trends and collections and browse fashion items via a convenient and intuitive interface. 

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  • Tipi

    Tipi is a convenient mobile application that complements an online collective buying service called Tipiness. The solution helps businesses promote their organized events and sales across target audiences, while providing potential buyers with an opportunity to track relevant deals available nearby and make more informed decisions based on vendor rankings and user feedback.

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  • Smarter Takeout

    SmarterTakeout is an online ordering system that streamlines restaurant processes with automated order and payment processing, seamless both-way integration with POS-systems and website, kiosk integration. The system increases average order price and order volume by sending online takeout orders directly to POS software. It also provides real-time reports to track sales, savings, and other statistics, offering convenient customization tools, as well as allows businesses design their own websites with the online takeout functionality built right in.

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  • XTCommerce

    A suite of social plug-ins for an e-commerce and online store management software package that provides innovative plug-in concept and powerful administration tools.

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  • Sleepers in Seattle

    The solution is a scalable multi-store e-commerce platform for a furniture store. The heart and key feature of this website duo is its Design Center, which allows visitors to customize sleeper sofas based on their own preferences by choosing upholstery and adding accessories (mattresses, sheets, foot finish) to them. Other functionality the solution provides also includes shared cart to shop from the two websites at the same time, advanced furniture search, e-mail notifications, integration with social networks and marketing tools. 

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  • Bundlebox

    The service provides Internet shoppers with a parcel forwarding address, so that users can make purchases from any USA store. As soon as the order arrives at the Bundlebox, the service consolidates the purchases into a single international shipment and forwards them to the final delivery destination, resulting in significant savings on international shipping costs. 

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