Ecommerce Solutions

With years of experience to our credit, we build comprehensive ecommerce solutions that boost sales,
cut expenses and make the whole buying process easy and enjoyable for the consumers.

Our Customers

  • Retailers

  • E-stores

  • Sales agents
    & Distributors

  • Publishers

  • Drop shippers

  • Wholesalers

  • Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes

  • IT consulting companies &
    service providers

  • Online travel companies

  • Healthcare institutions

  • Trading companies

  • ISV's, Technology companies

  • Group buying service

  • Digital labels and recording


Our Solution

Web stores

Leveraging industry-leading ecommerce platforms, we produce custom end-to-end online stores that ensure the best buying experience for your customers. Our experts can professionally handle any aspect of web store creation – from ecommerce strategy development to integration with online payment, order processing and content management systems. Based on your requirements, IWD web stores can incorporate the following features:

  • Automated shipping & fulfilment
  • Intuitive checkout mechanism
  • Multiple payment gateways support (, PayPal, Google Checkout, Dwolla and many others)
  • Media streaming functionality
  • Digital product support
  • Cross-platform mobile support
  • Drop shipping support
  • Integration with international shipping services (FedEx, DHL, Royal Mail etc.)
  • Integration with the rest of your corporate infrastructure - CRM, marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, affiliate channels and so on.

Booking & Reservation Applications

IWD's comprehensive booking and reservation applications provide end users with a truly straightforward and secure way of making online bookings. A variety of options are available through our online booking systems, including aggregated search and filtering options, booking tickets, choosing hotels, renting cars and many more. Some of our booking solutions features and benefits are:

  • Cross-functional booking engines
  • Interactive and user friendly interface
  • Automated billing and secure payment gateways
  • Complex reporting with invoice and commission tracking
  • Smooth integration with third-party services
  • A pool of handy notification tools (e-mail notifications, SMS alerts, proactive subscription reminders etc.)

Online Takeout Services

Our powerful and innovative online takeout websites and applications automate any restaurant business, providing customers with the opportunity of easy online ordering anytime, anywhere. IWD experts build complex takeout solutions that comprise an array of useful features like attractive menu modules, simple client registration, secure customer data storage and full integration with payment getaways. Other beneficial functionality includes:

  • Online menu administration
  • Multi-location support
  • Cross-platform mobile support
  • Drop shipping support
  • Integration with international shipping services (FedEx, DHL, Royal Mail etc.)
  • Integration with the rest of your corporate infrastructure - CRM, marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, affiliate channels and so on.

Online auctions

IWD professionals design complex, feature-rich systems that encompass the full cycle of online auction activities from intelligent bidding to lot delivery, also including, if required, evaluation of vendors’ reputation and efficient claim management. The scope of our turnkey solutions varies from simple auction apps for specific items to highly scalable trading platforms with loads of users. IWD online auction software comprises such functional features like:

  • Dynamic online bidding system
  • Various auction types support
  • Simple auction items configuration
  • Reliable reputation & credibility rating systems
  • VAT/Tax calculation modules
  • Payment systems integration
  • Instant messaging and video conferencing

Marketplaces & Business listings

We create all-round platforms that allow the launching and maintenance of new marketplaces online. Our solutions bring together vendors, distributors and buyers and let them buy, sell or trade any kind of goods or services effectively. The option of placing promotions and conducting branding campaigns is also covered. As per your requirements, the solution may contain the following features:

  • Advanced search
  • Easy product management
  • Seller dashboards
  • Customizable monetization policies & multiple pricing options
  • Convenient order & delivery management
  • SaaS-based implementation
  • Secure payments via online payment gateways
  • E-mail subscription facilities

Social Commerce

Our social commerce solutions open up multiple opportunities to engage your customers and enable them to interact with each other online. The social apps we deliver also help to enhance consumer confidence in your products, accelerate their buying decisions and, generally, make your web-store a buyer's final destination. We offer a set of useful functional modules and features for social commerce including:

  • Product reviews & ratings
  • Affiliate programs
  • Loyalty trends monitoring
  • Ad campaigns
  • Group discount options
  • Wish lists
  • Customer rewards
  • Integration with social services like Groupon, Living Social and Offerpop

Mobile Commerce

With smartphones and tablets becoming a mainstream shopping venue, powerful mobile ecommerce apps are a growing trend. We make it simpler for our clients to sell online, providing an innovative way to reach mobile consumers. The IWD team can easily turn your existing ecommerce solution into a fully-functional mobile version or develop a new one from scratch. Some of the functional features our mobile solutions include are as follows:

  • Multiplatform compatibility
  • Auto sync with your existing web-based ecommerce solutions
  • Location services support
  • Real-time notifications on special offers & deals
  • Integration with diverse third-party services (coupons/loyalty cards, social networks etc.)
  • Mobile checkout & payment processing

Custom Billing Systems

IWD custom billing software will transform your billing management into a competitive asset by the seamless integration of accounting & billing into your business processes. Our solutions are designed to help automate routine billing tasks and eradicate any possible errors, resulting in higher operational efficiency and decreased costs. The highlights of our billing systems involve:

  • Flexible billing scheduling
  • Automatic payments processing
  • Support of diverse invoice types
  • Advanced cash management
  • Detailed transaction statistics and reports
  • Integration with payment service providers
  • Currency rates modules and more

Online Payment Services

Payment-processing systems play a crucial role in the economic performance of any enterprise. Adhering to the industry standards and requirements, we offer online payment software solutions that cover such essential areas as payment processing and tracking, payment collection, fraud protection, reporting and many more. The main features of our online payment services are:

  • Multiple payment options
  • Complex reconciliation and invoicing modules
  • Smooth integration with existing CRM/ERP software
  • Extensive reporting facilities
  • Fault tolerance

Point of Sale Integration

IWD POS solutions will help you to smoothly integrate your applications with leading POS systems. Integrated POS will improve your workflow and automate routine operations, saving both your time and costs. Our experts design full-featured software that is capable of handling an array of specific duties from inventory control to accounting and payroll. Other highlights of our solutions include:

  • Easy purchasing and order processing
  • Accounting and inventory management modules
  • Secure customer account profiles
  • Automated payrolls
  • Accurate report compilation and many more


We build fast and secure online procurement systems that streamline buying and procurement processes across a variety of enterprises. Our experts have expertise in developing and implementing an array of successful e-procurement applications, facilitating crucial activities like online purchasing, order tracking, inventory management, invoicing etc. Some of the key functionality involves:

  • Customized product catalogs
  • Advanced contract management
  • Easy requisition creation and modification
  • Support of multiple request types
  • Automated order entry and tracking
  • Dashboards and custom reports
  • Secure collaboration tools
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Integration with payment gateways
  • Facilities of seamless integration with current ERP systems


  • Extended Stayer

    Extended Stayer is a website consisting of three modules: consumer module, hotelier module and administrator module, each responsible for a corresponding user type and its actions. Consumer module is designed for the website visitors who are going to travel and want to book a hotel. Hotelier module is responsible for managing hotels, room information and room availability status.

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  • DutyCalculator

    DutyCalculator is a convenient service enabling customers to check their potential tax liability on a wide range of products before making purchases from abroad. The website also provides APIs for merchants to perform import tax calculations for their shopping carts and easily prepare all the necessary paperwork required by customs.

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  • Fermoie is an online shop for fine fabrics for home use. Intended for design and furniture manufacturing companies, as well as people who want to make their homes cozy and well-decorated, the solution provides top-notch functionality for online ordering and purchasing accessories like cushions, lampshades and even furniture made from the fabrics. 

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  • Online Fashion Marketplace

    A comprehensive marketplace allowing companies in the fashion industry promoting their brands and sell their products online. The website also provides customers with the ability to select specific products from different vendors and group them into lists.

  • Enterprise-Level Product Catalog

    Intended for the use of a distributor's sales team, the application presents detailed product information either in catalog or price list formats. The images and data for the catalog are imported from an in-house ERP system, which allows keeping all the information always relevant and up-to-date.

  • Local In-Season Food Finder

    A location-based mobile application that acts as a one-stop shop for relevant information on locally sourced food. It helps keep consumers updated on everything they need to know to eat locally, including information on foods that are in season and farmers’ market locations. The application provides users with an ability to access Wikipedia for additional information on related subjects, as well as Epicurious recipes, also allowing to share finds on Facebook, rate the best sellers, follow other users and comment on their posts.

  • Ditto Advertising

    Ditto Advertising provides a great way for companies of any field to promote their products and services more efficiently.  In this app, a built-in slot machine spins when users message each other. If the generated scores reach the defined criteria, users get a discount from a participating company – while the company gets a promotion of its product or service.

  • Auction Network

    A complex live auction platform, allowing its users to browse through a plethora of goods from multiple online auction sites. Users can put up for auction art, automobiles, real estate and other objects and buy items participating in live auctions worldwide. One of the solution’s highlights is the live video feed available in user's browser, which provides an opportunity to watch the auction bidding in the real-time.  

  • IvanDostavkin

    A food delivery service with its own call-center which provides both web and mobile access to the system. The solution features an intuitive, beautifully designed product catalogue, allowing customers to order food from different restaurants based on multiple criteria like delivery time, location or minimum order amount. 

  • Lunch Calling

    Lunch Calling is a socially-powered delivery website designed for gourmet lunch truck movement. The platform provides convenient online ordering functionality to streamline food truck delivery processes in major metropolitan areas. And with its built-in social networking capabilities, the solution also provides for group ordering, allowing colleagues and partners to generate group orders by firm or office building. 

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  • NeilLane

    A simple yet stylish e-commerce website developed for a world famous jewelry designer Neil Lane. The solution’s core is an intuitive product catalog divided into multiple subsections according to the existing collections, product types etc. Apart from browsing through designer jewelry pieces, users can view news feed and designer’s bio.

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  • SellingHive

    SellingHive provides a secure environment for companies and sales professionals to meet, negotiate, and close business. Its social networking tools make these connections for a specific purpose - to grow sales. This collaboration creates opportunities for sales that may never have existed before. Sales people benefit by providing the relationship and interaction for the business. The businesses close more business with the SellingHive network.

  • Regiondo

    Germany’s leading website for tickets selling. The first development phase served to enhance scalability and reliability of the existing application and focused on reseller backend refactoring, new design implementation, Google maps integration and Zend form validation. The second one included Magento platform update, code refactoring, information architecture optimization and mobile application creation. The whole process was well-documented (FDS, wireframes, prototypes) and fully covered with QA testing.

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  • Fashion and Luxury Store

    A stylish online magazine designed for a fashion and luxury store. Fashionistas can read articles written by world-famous couturiers, explore new trends and collections and browse fashion items via a convenient and intuitive interface. 

  • Tipi

    Tipi is a convenient mobile application that complements an online collective buying service called Tipiness. The solution helps businesses promote their organized events and sales across target audiences, while providing potential buyers with an opportunity to track relevant deals available nearby and make more informed decisions based on vendor rankings and user feedback.

  • Smarter Takeout

    SmarterTakeout is an online ordering system that streamlines restaurant processes with automated order and payment processing, seamless both-way integration with POS-systems and website, kiosk integration. The system increases average order price and order volume by sending online takeout orders directly to POS software. It also provides real-time reports to track sales, savings, and other statistics, offering convenient customization tools, as well as allows businesses design their own websites with the online takeout functionality built right in.

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  • XTCommerce

    A suite of social plug-ins for an e-commerce and online store management software package that provides innovative plug-in concept and powerful administration tools.

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  • Sleepers in Seattle

    The solution is a scalable multi-store e-commerce platform for a furniture store. The heart and key feature of this website duo is its Design Center, which allows visitors to customize sleeper sofas based on their own preferences by choosing upholstery and adding accessories (mattresses, sheets, foot finish) to them. Other functionality the solution provides also includes shared cart to shop from the two websites at the same time, advanced furniture search, e-mail notifications, integration with social networks and marketing tools. 

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  • Bundlebox

    The service provides Internet shoppers with a parcel forwarding address, so that users can make purchases from any USA store. As soon as the order arrives at the Bundlebox, the service consolidates the purchases into a single international shipment and forwards them to the final delivery destination, resulting in significant savings on international shipping costs. 

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  • Test-driven and behavior-driven development

    Our proven way to guarantee speedy delivery and good coding quality even on the most challenging Agile projects.

  • Continuous integration

    A single project code repository, along with automated tests and project builds, open great opportunities for efficient remote team collaboration and creative deployment models.

  • High-load control, private clouds

    High system performance is crucial for a successful online business. That is one of the key principles upon which IWD builds its technical design and testing.

  • Data security audit

    We involve competent security experts at the earliest stages in the design of the architecture,   to ensure the complete safety of the finished solution.

  • Unified coding guidelines

    A team of the most seasoned technical coordinators works under the direct supervision of IWD's Chief Technical Officer, monitoring the "technical health" of every active project we work on, and providing expert consultancy for the development teams dealing with challenging technical issues.

  • Outstanding user experience

    IWD developers work in close collaboration with our designers during the design, slicing and development phases of the project to make sure the UI/UX we develop looks just great.

  • Mobility

    We adhere to mobility standards and work in two directions:

    1. Responsive web design – we exploit proven CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation and Skeleton to provide our web-solutions with the best viewing experience.
    2. Web API to have the opportunity to integrate your data or functionality into applications, ensuring native user experience to the end-users.


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