Enterprise Mobility

A comprehensive framework of enterprise mobility solutions, designed to provide high-level security, integrated control and uncompromised user experience within your mobile IT infrastructure.

Business Intelligence & Data Mining

With IWebDev’s mobile applications for business intelligence, clients gain the opportunity to get valuable insights and later on present and share them easily across their personnel, customers and partners, so contributing to more informed, intelligent decision making, even on-the-move.

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CRM + Mobile
Relevant Products
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Applicable Campaign Benefits Customer Information Access Instant Relationship History

Relationship Management

Our CRM solutions let employees in the field leverage embedded mobile devices’ capabilities to capture, analyze and act on customer information. This results in a personalized approach toward addressing clientele needs, which – in turn – translates into a shortened sales cycle, increased revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

Case Studies
  • Teamwork and Collaboration

    IWebDev delivers scalable mobile versions of existing enterprise solutions, integrates collaboration tools with your legacy systems and builds custom mobile applications that keep your employees connected 24/7 and let them work toward the common goal more efficiently.

  • Workforce Management

    Integrated seamlessly with the key IT systems, IWebDev’s mobile workforce management applications help companies optimize staffing levels, reduce labor costs, establish proper environment for field force automation and empower employees to be more productive.

  • Mobile Device
    Management (MDM)

    We build reliable administration tools that allow managing corporate and privately owned mobile devices remotely and ensure immediate locking, encoding and wiping of those devices in case of a loss, theft or unauthorized access.

  • Mobile Application
    Management (MAM)

    Proper means of unified application deployment and distribution, continuous application updates and performance monitoring, application wrapping let companies take a standby control over the entire enterprise application lifecycle.