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Applying online solutions to healthcare practices, leads to coordinated care, quicker decision-making, reduced expenditure, and ultimately, to a better patient experience.

Our Customers

  • Hospitals & Clinics

  • Medical & Pharmaceutical corporations

  • Health centers

  • Healthcare consulting service providers

  • Medical device companies

  • Health education organizations

Our Solution

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Comprehensive IWD EMR systems cover the full cycle of patient's appointments at medical organizations starting from the very first visit to receiving a diagnosis. EMR securely stores all patient-related information, such as examination and analysis results, diagnoses, and appointment history, simplifying the whole process of patient record-keeping and resulting in improved care and faster decision-making.

The highlights of our EMR systems are:

  • Full cycle of patient appointment support
  • Patient's information management
  • Dashboards, patient pools and patient locators
  • Integration with external laboratories and medication services (including e-Prescribing providers)
  • Clinical decision support
  • Wide customization capabilities

Clinical Data Management Systems

Clinical data management is considered one of the most critical steps in clinical research. Our team has solid experience of designing and maintaining effective clinical data management systems for a range of healthcare institutions. The solutions we deliver empower clinical data management, including data gathering, coding, analysis and reporting, providing better traceability of data and reducing clinical data collection costs.

Some of the features of our clinical data management systems are as follows:

  • Convenient data import, export and transformation
  • Improved system security and data access control (including detailed user-roles management)
  • Complex reporting
  • Easy third-party data integration
  • Regulatory compliance

Healthcare Information Systems (HIS)

IWD provides powerful, intuitive and easy to operate, yet budget-friendly and reliable healthcare information systems to achieve the best support for patient care. Meeting the needs of the healthcare industry while cutting the expenses, our web-based solutions are built to improve administrative, financial and legal processes, patient management and generally, every aspect of the healthcare professionals’ performance.

Key functional features of our healthcare information management solutions include:

  • Complex patient management (appointing and scheduling, patient billing)
  • Hospital administration (payroll and personnel, equipment and facilities management)
  • Financial and resource management
  • Integration with third-party healthcare IT solutions and payment getaways
  • Clinical decision support
  • Extensive reporting capabilities (productivity reports, compiled reports, user activity reports etc.)

Personal Health Tracking

Self-monitoring is a new tendency in personal electronic health and has emerged mostly due to web-based and mobile applications, which can now gather, process and display large amounts of personal data to help people keep track of, and manage all aspects of their health. From simple personal health record apps to multi-featured patient portals, IWD professionals design comprehensive solutions facilitating personal health care and improving its quality.

15%have used technologies to monitor and manage health issues such as blood sugar or breathing function

46%would be interested in doing so in the future

13%have accessed, stored or transmitted personal health information or records in the past year

48%are interested in going so

Our personal health tracking systems comprise the following features:

  • Information management (patient personal data and contacts, health data etc.)
  • Wait time, treatment time, and length of stay reporting
  • Online appointment requests
  • Real-time access to clinical results
  • Medication and supplement management
  • Messaging and Email modules

Remote Consulting Solutions

IWD remote consulting systems for healthcare enable the easy monitoring and consulting of patients outside traditional hospital settings. Our custom solutions provide secure input and storage of patient health data received from medical measuring devices used by the patients, and convenient online consulting tools for the health care providers.

52% of consumers say they would be comfortable consulting with their health care provider through a video connection

62% say they would be comfortable addressing a health concern through an email or text with their health care provider

Main features of remote consulting systems we create involve:

  • Patient and Medical advice modules
  • Embedded content management tools
  • Offline presence (managing patient's data offline and synchronizing the changes with the main server)
  • Integration with third-party health service providers(including Microsoft HealthVault)

Wellness Club Automation

IWD wellness applications combine the best health and wellness tools, to encourage people to become aware of their wellness and develop healthy habits. The wellness systems we produce allow users to set personal health goals and monitor progress automatically. This allows the embedding of healthy lifestyles into everyday life and, consequently contributes to reducing overall health care expenditures in the long term.

have used technologies including smartphone and tablet applications to monitor and manage fitness and health improvement goals such as exercise or diet

say they would be interested in doing so in the future

Our wellness solutions include:

  • Nutrition and dieting apps
  • Fitness and activity tracking
  • Health monitoring and emergency
  • Online wellness coaching and many more!

Medical practice management

IWD medical practice management solutions are designed to streamline healthcare processes, lessen time on administrative tasks and get well integrated intuitive workflows, ensuring business health and operational efficiency to healthcare practices. Regardless of the size of your medical enterprise, we can deliver robust practice management solutions that will be smoothly integrated into your operations and significantly improve patient service.

The systems we offer comprise the following functionality:

  • Patient demographics
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Task management
  • Billing
  • Reporting

E-learning for medical personnel

Learning is a crucial part of improving not only medical personnel performance, but also patient experience. IWD has gained solid domain expertise at developing effective e-learning platforms to enhance staff knowledge in the field of healthcare, simultaneously allowing savings on training costs. We adhere to custom e-learning systems rather than template-driven to meet the specific needs of our clients.

A variety of our web-based e-learning solutions includes:

  • Knowledge management tools
  • Information sharing and collaboration tools (learning teleconferencing, on-line meetings etc.)
  • Online assessment tests and quizzes
  • Learning content management
  • Migration of e-learning solutions to multiple mobile platforms

Medical Billing

IWD medical billing solutions are created to cut down the time and expense of managing complex software and personnel, enabling the execution of billing processes with the utmost ease and flexibility, and in addition, build proactive and accountable billing in your organization.

We develop advanced billing systems for the healthcare industry which provide:

  • Real-time eligibility
  • Billing and coding processing
  • Payments and transaction management
  • Claims submission and status inquiry
  • Automated reporting capabilities

Mobile applications for healthcare

The mobile industry is discovering new opportunities for healthcare institutions – both in the traditional sense of medical sales and field service, as well as in the way healthcare organizations interact with their patients. We aggregate our best expertise and knowledge to present robust, highly scalable and efficient mobile solutions tailored specifically to meet healthcare requirements and support better clinical decision-making and better patient outcomes.

All of IWD mobile solutions, without exception, cover the following features and benefits:

  • Mobile friendly UI
  • Secure patient data management
  • Internal and external communication systems (messaging and Email)
  • Smooth integration with third-party applications and services and more
  • Personalized mobile content and news alerts
  • Real-time access to backend systems


  • Telemedicine

    Telemedice is a robust remote medical assistance system that plays the key role in establishing direct communication between the Specialized Dispensary in Gomel, Belarus, and the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre. It collects and processes medical data coming from patients and provides for teleconsulting between the two parties. Other features supported by the solution includes a follow-up system for patients with thyroid cancer, integrated clinical database and information center, as well as tools for remote educational training and medical consulting services by professionals from all over the world.

  • Esbirtes

    A free online program for people who want to reduce or stop using cannabis, cocaine, GHB and/or alcohol. Patients are referred to the Esbirtes dashboard on a specially designed Ipad screening tool, following first aid assistance in clinics and tests they carry in the hospitals specializing in substance use. The system makes it possible to track the substance consumption, receiving the feedback on the users progress and providing advice and help to cut down the negative impact of abuse.

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  • NuNova eMDoc

    A web-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution, consisting of external and internal areas. The first one is used by doctors and nurses to submit prescriptions to pharmacy and check their status. It serves as an electronic record for each patient providing medication and medical history. The internal area serves to doctors or admins to approve prescriptions and generate reports. The service allows retrieving submitted prescriptions and printing them in PDF format. Other features include a comprehensive admin area and a complementary website for pharmacy companies. 

  • Medical Service Organization

    Designed for a specific patient management project, the portal brings stakeholders with a universal, secure access point to relevant patient information. The solution is integrated with a proprietary Patient Management System (including Electronic Medical Records) and allows for convenient search of patient-related data by multiple criteria like country, hospital etc. A notification tool implemented within the system provides an opportunity to configure email notifications for predefined team members. 

  • Medical Technology Company

    This web application serves as a guide for a medical company on how to incorporate cost analysis into different meetings and congresses. The analysis it provides helps making budget decisions for particular medical congresses and conferences. It allows gathering responses from company’s employees, providing simple and informative graphic reports on the data received. This way the company is always able to choose congresses and meetings that fit their budget and interests best.


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