Mobile Development

We combine great ideas with incredible expertise, to deliver breakthrough applications, empower your business and take full advantage of modern mobility.


  • Native apps

    • best performance
    • full access to hardware features
    • feature-rich interactivity
    • greater user engagement
    • possible to use in offline mode
  • Cross-platform

    • single app adjusted to platforms of your choice
    • adaptive UI
    • access to native features
    • easy deployment
    • reduced costs
  • Mobile web apps
    and hybrid apps

    • all platforms and devices covered at once
    • web apps don't need to be installed on devices
    • any changes in app are instantly in effect
    • faster production
    • easy to support
  • Mobile Porting

    Already have an app? The more platforms — the more customers. We are ready to expand your business to other platforms.

Technical expertise

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • HTML 5
  • Backend Middleware


Frameworks and components

  • Cocoa/Cocoa touch (with Core Services & Media Layer)
  • OpenGL ES
  • Appcelerator Titanium
  • PhoneGap
  • Cocos2d
  • Unity3D
  • Xamarin: iOS and Android
  • Sencha
  • RestKit
  • Core Data
  • OrmLite

Other tools

  • Wikitude (Augmented reality)
  • RedLazer API (Barcode scanner)
  • Scanbuy API (QR codes)
  • Payment systems (PayPal, DataTrans)
  • Ant
  • Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (ddms)
  • Draw 9-patch
  • Layoutopt
  • Monkey
  • ProGuard
  • ASIHTTPRequest
  • ShareKit

Client Focus

  • Full cycle software development company recommended by global brands
  • Integrated eco-system set-up (back-end and middleware development, API's, integration with third-party services)
  • Seasoned technical experts, award winning development team
  • Strong UI/UX expertise, supervised by experienced art directors
  • Dedicated project management team: leading industry practices propagated through internal PM club
  • Permanent project "technical health" control provided by the company CTO and technical coordinators
  • We are Agile: certified scrum masters coordinate efficient iterative product delivery
  • Business analyst assistance
  • Professional mobile strategy consultancy to optimize development costs and further maintenance
  • Wide range of pre-built standard functional modules
  • Post-live system maintenance
  • Fixed price estimates
  • Flexible engagement models: fixed budget, time and material or dedicated team with an option to hand-pick team members
  • Growing development team for better scalability over the development cycle
  • Smooth communication through online ticketing system, specs in wiki's, etc.
  • Onsite visits and mixed project teams
  • Standardized development handover methodologies
  • Solid corporate testing and staging environment infrastructure

Domain expertise

  • Location based services
  • Streaming
  • Social Media
  • DRM
  • mVoIP
  • Device sync
  • 2D and 3D models
  • E-commerce integration
  • Animation
  • Integration to third-party APIs
  • Content management
  • Video Services
  • Games & Entertainment
  • CRM
  • Logistics
  • Invoice & Payment Management
  • BI & Data Management
  • Dashboard & Workflow


  • Stuck for Staff

    StuckForStaff is a next-gen social network for employers and employees allowing for a quicker and easier communication between brands, agencies and staff on their way to execute successful field marketing and brand experience campaigns. The solution also enables job application and career search, as well as customization of employee’s job availability.

  • Status Picking App

    A social network application running on iOS that allows users to browse through popular statuses published by other users, edit them as per their taste and add them to favorites.

  • Ad Campaign Manager

    This powerful tool simplifies the processes of posting, managing and tracking advertising campaigns in one of the most significant social networks.

  • Patent Viewing Tool

    Over 7 million U.S. patents at your fingertips: with this app, you get instant quick reference to data provided by US Patent and Trademark Office.

  • Film Folk

    An extensive DVD catalog that provides for easy browsing, rating and searching of different films. Users can add the content to their virtual shelves and manage it. Thanks to the embedded barcode scanner, users are also able to scan barcodes of DVDs in stores to get additional information on the films they are interested in.  

  • Activity Beat

    ActivityBeat is a social network bringing an opportunity to communicate and share interests with like-minded people. Providing a quick overview of activities in a community and/or parts of a country, the application allows users to find, search or advertise the interests they are passionate about - and thereby grow new acquaintances with exactly the same interests. 

  • Tipi

    Tipi is a convenient mobile application that complements an online collective buying service called Tipiness. The solution helps businesses promote their organized events and sales across target audiences, while providing potential buyers with an opportunity to track relevant deals available nearby and make more informed decisions based on vendor rankings and user feedback.

  • Match Messenger

    Match Messenger is a multi-platform mobile application that provides an automated location-based search engine to help users find friends and dating partners according to specific criteria. The solution allows its users maintaining online profiles and communicating with each other via an intuitive chat interface. Once the best match is found, the application sends instant notifications to users.

  • Spotico

    A mobile app that uses a geo-location service to bind a message and/or photo to a specific spot in the real world and allows other users to discover it. Users can also rate and comment on other people's spots, as well as add people to friends and follow their updates.

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    • Best candidates
    • Team scalable over time
    • Certified business analysts and scrum masters
    • Experienced UX professionals
  • Whole range of industry leading platforms to optimize the value, the experience, development costs and time to market

    • Unique business goals led approach for UX design
    • Permanent art director's supervision
    • Continuous integration, advanced version control and issue tracking
    • Extensive pool of mobile device development supported.
    • Independent ISO certified QA department
    • Automated testing
    • Security and performance audit
    • Personalized demo versions compiled specifically for customer's mobile devices
    • Dedicated staging environment (for backends and middleware)
    • Comprehensive assistance with deployment to App Stores
    • Hosting provider recommendations (for backend and middleware)
    • All levels of customer support and maintenance
    • Further application enhancement and new releases
    • Online and onsite trainings (optional)
    • Professional user and developer manuals (optional)