Relevant Expertise

Our mature domain expertise stems from years of hands-on experience of working with various industries, and in-depth understanding of what drives successful companies forward


  • Business Intelligence

    Actionable and meaningful insights into every aspect of your business data and processes via advanced ETL solutions and top-notch data mining tools.

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  • Ecommerce

    Full range of robust, feature-packed solutions that help our customers launch, manage and grow their ecommerce ventures in the web and mobile.

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  • Real Estate

    Complete picture of your real estate portfolio to list, promote and maintain properties easier, and turn prospective leads into long-term clients.

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  • Social Technology

    Unique web and mobile solutions powered by the latest capabilities the modern social technology has to offer.

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  • Self-care Applications

    Intuitive self-service environment that makes it easy for your clients to perform roautine tasks by themselves. Less customer support. Less maintenance expenses.

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  • Retail

    Comprehensive tools for managing inventory, procurement, payments and customers, conveniently housed in our end-to-end retail solutions.

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  • Healthcare

    Robust foundation for innovative healthcare built with secure, regulatory compliant online portals, information systems and mobile applications.

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  • E-leerning

    Online training programs and courses, e-learning content delivery, testing apps to increase studying efficiency and attract new audience.

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  • Logistics

    Custom applications for logistics and transportation industry to attain operational control, increase supply chain visibility and performance, and optimize resources.

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