Self - Care Applications

With the ever-expanding social media universe, today’s customers are willing to have immediate access to, and total control over the information they care about. The experience gained during years of self-service project implementations allows us to build feature-rich and user-friendly self-care applications that allow your clients to perform routine activities as easily and efficiently as possible, lowering customer service costs whilst contributing to ongoing customer engagement and loyalty.

The experience gained during years of self-service project implementations allows us to build feature-rich and user-friendly self-care applications.


  • Native Mobile Application

    Native applications take full advantage of all the mobile device’s features and capabilities like geo-location, Bluetooth, NFC etc. to enable the best UI/UX possible. This gives users the opportunity to work in a good self-service environment on the go. IWebDev apps for self-care ensure the highest performance and quality delivering the most outstanding experience to your customers.

    • Best user experience
    • Full access to the device’s native features
    • Better performance
    • Offline work
    • Advanced security
  • Mobile Web Application

    Today, the high level of web technology, allows the development of robust cross-platform solutions for any mobile device. Our team can help launch beautifully designed mobile applications that are compatible with any browser. The application, which can be either responsive or web based, will work swiftly and provide all the critical functionality to the end-users.

    • Optimization of development costs
    • Interface standardization
    • Cheaper and easier maintenance
    • Faster time-to-market
    • Easy deployment
  • Web Application

    Being accessible literally everywhere – on any computer, tablet or smartphone as well as any platform or browser – web applications provide a means of reaching and engaging the widest possible audience for your service. Through high-end design, rich functionality and smooth integration of third-party systems and engines, our web solutions are perfectly tailored to meet the specific needs both of your company and customers.

    • Cross-platform compatibility
    • Cost-effective development
    • Easy maintenance and updates
    • High scalability
  • Software for Info-Kiosks

    The info-kiosks of today are able to perform a wide range of functions, evolving into complete self-service platforms that allow to manage electronic queues at public places like banks, hospitals etc., streamline all sorts of payments and transactions and ultimately automate processes in restaurants, clubs and many other institutions. We help to turn conventional web systems into efficient info-kiosk applications and develop fully customized software for your kiosks from scratch.

    • Adaptive and customizable user interfaces
    • Support of external devices (credit cards
      readers, cash acceptors, remote printers etc.)
    • Remote updates and monitoring
    • Virtual keyboards
    • System lockdown



We leverage our expertise in mobile self-service software development to assist communication service providers in bringing a friendly and personalized experience to their customers through reliable, dynamic and easy-to-use personal areas, specialized mobile apps and many other self-care solutions. Comprising intuitive interfaces and multiple functional capabilities, our applications provide mobile network users with a quick way of executing and managing an array of transactions in real-time.

  • Balance management (full itemized bills, planning and forecasting of expenditures etc.)
  • Payments of other accounts
  • Secure automatic payments set up
  • Custom alerts and notifications
  • Detailed account history
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Melofon

    Web app dedicated to managing personalized ringback service. Mobile network provider's subscribers who find default ringback tone tedious can replace it with something more creative, either through choosing from the list offered by the provider or uploading their own files. They can crop their audio, set its volume and add effects. Custom tones can be set for individual callers or groups of callers.

  • A Self-care portal for Network provider

    A web application with mobile device support. It allows the user to check prepaid minutes, texts and the data balance, top up, view the transaction history and provide customer feedback. The option to manage and customize the user’s set of services offered by the provider certainly adds to the usefulness of the app.


With our profound understanding of the specifics, infrastructure and inner processes and systems of the payment domain, we provide all-round software services that range from business analysis and technology consulting to continuous support and solution maintenance. Whether providing a powerful web-based payment platform or a handy mobile banking app, IWebDev systems are the key to effective and secure management of online banking operations and transactions.

  • Multiple payment options
  • Advanced protection from unauthorized access
  • Capability of transferring funds between accounts
  • Payment history and pending transactions display
  • Future payments scheduling
  • ATMs and branch search via built-in geolocation services
  • Integration with SMS gateways


  • Global Money

    Android and iOS mobile applications, developed for an international payment system to make its customers’ life easier. The functionality of both apps comprises personal account management, recharging e-wallet, money transfers within and outside the system and more. 30+ categories of online payments are available, including payments for telecom services, utility services, social network accounts, tickets and charity.

  • Analysis for mobile payment solution

    Solution intended for making payments and transferring funds on the go. Regardless of the bank where user’s credit card account was opened, all users interact with a single user friendly interface. The scope of work performed by our side included requirements elicitation and specification, design creation, preparing a mobile app prototype and estimating final project cost. Under the analysis carried out, the system is currently being developed.


IWebDev knows the importance of fast and convenient online ordering services. We design comprehensive applications for food delivery and takeout service providers, online retailers and e-commerce merchants that ensure their clients have a superior online ordering experience. Complemented by beautiful designs and smart navigation, our ordering solutions give customers a pool of useful functionality allowing them to make and receive their orders with ease.

  • Advanced order processing and management
  • Secure customer data storage
  • Detailed statistics on customers' activity
  • Interactive catalogues and reach content management tools
  • Integration with multiple third-party systems (point-of-sales, web services, kiosks, messaging systems, payment gateways, geo-location services etc.)


  • IvanDostavkin

    A food delivery service with its own call-center which provides both web and mobile access to the system. The solution features an intuitive, beautifully designed product catalogue, allowing customers to order food from different restaurants based on multiple criteria like delivery time, location or minimum order amount. 

  • Lunch Calling

    Lunch Calling is a socially-powered delivery website designed for gourmet lunch truck movement. The platform provides convenient online ordering functionality to streamline food truck delivery processes in major metropolitan areas. And with its built-in social networking capabilities, the solution also provides for group ordering, allowing colleagues and partners to generate group orders by firm or office building. 

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  • Smarter Takeout

    SmarterTakeout is an online ordering system that streamlines restaurant processes with automated order and payment processing, seamless both-way integration with POS-systems and website, kiosk integration. The system increases average order price and order volume by sending online takeout orders directly to POS software. It also provides real-time reports to track sales, savings, and other statistics, offering convenient customization tools, as well as allows businesses design their own websites with the online takeout functionality built right in.

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We have created dozens of end-to-end booking applications for a range of businesses including hotels and restaurants, car rental and ticketing service providers and many others. Powerful search engines, 24/7 availability and plenty of useful in-built features make our software solutions the perfect tool for clear, flexible and risk-free booking.

  • Cross-functional booking engines
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Easy reminders and alerts setup
  • Voucher/coupon/group buying modules
  • Integration with social media and geolocation services
  • Detailed statistics on customer’s activity


  • Regiondo

    Germany’s leading website for ticket sales. The first development phase served to enhance the scalability and reliability of the existing application and focused on reseller backend refactoring, new design implementation, Google maps integration and Zend form validation. The second phase included Magento platform update, code refactoring, information architecture optimization and mobile application creation. The whole process was well-documented (FDS, wireframes, prototypes) and fully covered with QA testing.

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  • Stargreen

    Stargreen Box Office is a premier independent ticket agent in London with more than 30 years of experience in the field. Based on Magento, Stargreen website enables its customers to find and purchase tickets for diverse events from concerts and theatre to sightseeing tours securely.

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IWebDev helps users in maintaining their own physical, emotional and social wellbeing via well thought out self-monitoring applications. Personal health records, food logs and diaries, workout guides, healthy lifestyle tips, as well as financial monitoring apps, we've got it covered, opening up new opportunities for increasing people’s self-awareness and changing their thought patterns and behaviors for the better.

  • A variety of useful tools for self-tracking
  • Advanced information management
  • Intuitive and good looking interfaces
  • Wide customization options
  • Smooth integration with third-party systems and devices


  • Esbirtes

    A free online program for people who want to reduce or stop using cannabis, cocaine, GHB and/or alcohol. Patients are referred to the Esbirtes dashboard on a specially designed Ipad screening tool, following first aid assistance in clinics and tests they carry in the hospitals specializing in substance use. The system makes it possible to track the substance consumption, receiving the feedback on the users progress and providing advice and help to cut down the negative impact of abuse.

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  • Medical Service Organization

    Designed for a specific patient management project, the portal brings stakeholders with a universal, secure access point to relevant patient information. The solution is integrated with a proprietary Patient Management System (including Electronic Medical Records) and allows for convenient search of patient-related data by multiple criteria like country, hospital etc. A notification tool implemented within the system provides an opportunity to configure email notifications for predefined team members. 


Starting from secure back-end components to flexible communication interfaces and elegant client applications, we design complex end-to-end solutions that work smoothly on any platform, device or operating system.

  • Scalability and Cloud Services

    Our technical frameworks are designed so that your system expands as your business grows. The scalability is taken into account from the very first assessment and planning stages – from both the functional standpoint and the overall system performance perspective.

    Our extensive knowledge of cloud services helps in our aim to avoid limiting any future extension and integration potential and to make each system easily accessible to the maximum range of users.

  • Independent QA Team

    To ensure accurate and reliable results an independent QA team is engaged at every step of the development process, laying emphasis on the system’s functional and performance quality as well as security monitoring.

    • Automated tests
    • Functional and regression testing
    • Performance testing
    • Security testing
  • Third-party services and devices

    IWebDev architects have also accumulated solid experience in integrating programming parts of our systems with a diverse base of third-party services and devices to bring greater functionality and value to our clients.

  • Customer Support

    Efficient customer support is another vital factor for successful self-care applications used by numerous users on various devices. IWebDev provides professional multi-level support covering the whole spectrum of key maintenance services up to 24/7.

  • Third-party services and devices

    IWebDev architects have also accumulated solid experience in integrating programming parts of our systems with a diverse base of third-party services and devices to bring greater functionality and value to our clients.

  • Customer Support

    Efficient customer support is another vital factor for successful self-care applications used by numerous users on various devices. IWebDev provides professional multi-level support covering the whole spectrum of key maintenance services up to 24/7.

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