Social Technology

From designing custom networking applications to incorporating advanced socialization techniques into enterprise environments, IWebDev delivers unique web and mobile solutions powered by the latest capabilities the modern social technology has to offer.


  • With a focus on intuitive interactions, impeccable design patterns and unparalleled user experience, IWebDev is in position to create comprehensive online social hubs and collaboration spaces. Aimed to eliminate the boundaries between physical and digital realities, the social networking solutions we develop allow targeting audiences with the exact tools they need to communicate and engage with one another.

    • Social connections
    • Media publishing and sharing
    • Professional social networking
    • Interest-based communities
    • Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding
  • We also forge social connections at the enterprise level, building business-focused networking apps for real-time collaboration between departments and employees. A proven track record of successfully delivered enterprise automation projects coupled with expert knowledge of modern social technologies and engines – all that to ensure you get the most out of your enterprise social networking initiatives.

    • Communication and networking
    • Team collaboration and project management
    • Enterprise productivity
    • Enterprise content
    • Enterprise gamification

Mobile Social Networks

Since mobile becoming the dominant communication channel, enabling full, seamless experience for users on the go is an implicit rule for businesses to succeed. IWebDev makes the shift to mobile social easy and smooth, implementing custom mobile social networking functionality within either native, hybrid or cross-platform solutions, for a variety of business domains.

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  • Social Messaging

    We fuel highly personalized online relationships, connecting users not only to each other, but likewise to brands via social messaging platforms and tools. Be it a text chat client for an existing network or a standalone instant messaging app, IWebDev designs and integrates tailored solutions, also enabling smart capabilities like voice messaging, real-time notifications, or file sharing.

  • Social Commerce

    IWebDev brings social features to the ecommerce field to support your omni-channel retail needs and help you ensure superior experience across every customer touch point. Our team has a strong expertise in both enhancing existing stores with diverse social capabilities, like reviews or group buying, and implementing custom social-driven ecommerce systems from scratch.

  • Social Customer Care

    We enable next-gen customer service via social networking platforms and chatbots, peer-to-peer support solutions, as well as self-service applications for any kind of customer activities. This way your customer support team is armed with convenient tools to address customer issues more effectively, while your customers get the assistance they need in a truly fast and easy manner.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

    We facilitate immersive interactions by implementing augmented and virtual reality driven systems available for conventional mobile or desktop devices, along with advanced gear like VR headsets, 3D displays, or sensors. It drives unparalleled customer experiences within a virtual environment, allowing to reach out and attract wider audiences and communities.

  • Video Streaming

    Our multi-vector expertise in web and mobile, as well as media streaming allows us build highly scalable video streaming solutions for businesses to capitalize on. Be it on premise live streaming, deployment to a CDN or online video editing, we implement quality solutions to let our clients seamlessly deliver video content to various types of devices, converting viewers into real customers.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence opens a handful of opportunities to differentiate your brand and engage with customers effectively. IWebDev makes use of machine learning, face recognition, social listening and analytics, and other tools to help companies glean meaningful insights from customer in-network interactions, fostering relevant content and personalized experiences.


  • Spotico

    A mobile app that uses a geo-location service to bind a message and/or photo to a specific spot in the real world and allows other users to discover it. Users can also rate and comment on other people's spots, as well as add people to friends and follow their updates.

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  • Match Messenger

    Match Messenger is a multi-platform mobile application that provides an automated location-based search engine to help users find friends and dating partners according to specific criteria. The solution allows its users maintaining online profiles and communicating with each other via an intuitive chat interface. Once the best match is found, the application sends instant notifications to users.

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  • TSOLife

    TSOLife is a social networking platform providing an opportunity to digitally document people’s life from birth to present. With its chronological timeline feature, the website allows its users creating a timeline of significant life events. Images, video/audio files and stories can be attached to those events and later on be uploaded on users’ profiles. Users are also able to link their profiles to each other, this way building their own family tree history.

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  • LabMarketplace

    Designed specifically for laboratory professionals, the website serves as an educational, social and work resource for them, helping to find, compare and evaluate laboratory products by an extensive number of attributes. The system stores data on products, job opportunities, blog and forum posts, conference announcements. Registered users also have access to an in-built CRM system and blogging facility. 

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  • Geocast

    This video management tool allows publishers to share their videos across wide audiences. Users are able to create their own video portals and showcase unique video content. A modular setup helps them create individual experiences for their video depending on the nature of the content. Being template-driven, system front-end allows individual styling via CSS to create a fully branded experience.

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  • Esbirtes

    A free online program for people who want to reduce or stop using cannabis, cocaine, GHB and/or alcohol. Patients are referred to the Esbirtes dashboard on a specially designed Ipad screening tool, following first aid assistance in clinics and tests they carry in the hospitals specializing in substance use. The system makes it possible to track the substance consumption, receiving the feedback on the users progress and providing advice and help to cut down the negative impact of abuse.

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  • Design and Construction Network

    This project is a startup which main goal is to simplify the collaboration of engineers working on the same or similar projects. The key entity is a concept of Building Block – a file with its version history – which can be re-used on various projects. The project will change the way the design and construction industry finds, organizes and shares information.

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  • Auction Network

    A complex live auction platform, allowing its users to browse through a plethora of goods from multiple online auction sites. Users can put up for auction art, automobiles, real estate and other objects and buy items participating in live auctions worldwide. One of the solution’s highlights is the live video feed available in user's browser, which provides an opportunity to watch the auction bidding in the real-time.  

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  • Deal Search

    Deal Search is a convenient search tool for finding local deals. Users can browse through different deal categories or choose the nearest deals on a map or from a list sorted by distance. Other functionality provided by the application includes the opportunity to get businesses' contacts and share the deals found via e-mail or social networks.

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  • Treeality

    Treeality is a unique charity application that enables users caring about the planet purchase and plant virtual trees. For every tree bought, a real tree is planted! The solution also features a carbon dioxide emission calculator allowing users to calculate the amount of carbon that will be produced when choosing any given type of transport for your route. And with an augmented reality tool it is possible to visualize how the trees planted virtually will look in the real life. 

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  • Status Picking App

    A social network application running on iOS that allows users to browse through popular statuses published by other users, edit them as per their taste and add them to favorites.

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  • Film Folk

    An extensive DVD catalog that provides for easy browsing, rating and searching of different films. Users can add the content to their virtual shelves and manage it. Thanks to the embedded barcode scanner, users are also able to scan barcodes of DVDs in stores to get additional information on the films they are interested in.  

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  • Pub Location Application

    This application allows its users find pubs and cafes located in the UK. In addition to pinning the places on the map, the solution also provides useful additional information on the like open hours, menu and special offers.

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  • Local In-Season Food Finder

    A location-based mobile application that acts as a one-stop shop for relevant information on locally sourced food. It helps keep consumers updated on everything they need to know to eat locally, including information on foods that are in season and farmers’ market locations. The application provides users with an ability to access Wikipedia for additional information on related subjects, as well as Epicurious recipes, also allowing to share finds on Facebook, rate the best sellers, follow other users and comment on their posts.

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  • Activity Beat

    ActivityBeat is a social network bringing an opportunity to communicate and share interests with like-minded people. Providing a quick overview of activities in a community and/or parts of a country, the application allows users to find, search or advertise the interests they are passionate about - and thereby grow new acquaintances with exactly the same interests. 

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  • PettyCourt

    PettyCourt is a unique social networking judiciary system that gives its players a fair and impartial forum for a particular lawsuit. Users break into several groups (a complainant, a respondent and a judge), and take it in turns to decide on the outcome of a given court case.

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  • SkyEye

    SkyEyeSports is a web portal that serves as a meeting ground for athletes, recruiters, coaches and fans to make athletes easily searchable. The web portal also features an online video editor allowing coaches to breakdown, edit and tag game films with multiple headings, which are later on used to build game, player, and season reports.

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  • Promise

    A social networking website built as an online co-creation platform. It allows gathering and analyzing public opinion on a given topic. Companies can reflect their brand identity by customizing their communities with color palette, logo, backgrounds and typeface within the application’s built-in interfaces.

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  • Regiondo

    Germany’s leading website for tickets selling. The first development phase served to enhance scalability and reliability of the existing application and focused on reseller backend refactoring, new design implementation, Google maps integration and Zend form validation. The second one included Magento platform update, code refactoring, information architecture optimization and mobile application creation. The whole process was well-documented (FDS, wireframes, prototypes) and fully covered with QA testing.

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  • StuckForStaff

    StuckForStaff is a next-gen social network for employers and employees allowing for a quicker and easier communication between brands, agencies and staff on their way to execute successful field marketing and brand experience campaigns. The solution also enables job application and career search, as well as customization of employee’s job availability.

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  • Tipi

    Tipi is a convenient mobile application that complements an online collective buying service called Tipiness. The solution helps businesses promote their organized events and sales across target audiences, while providing potential buyers with an opportunity to track relevant deals available nearby and make more informed decisions based on vendor rankings and user feedback.

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  • Waveolio

    This web application allows high school students and universities connect with each other from a single social platform. Students can create and manage online portfolios and contact universities of their choice, whilst university representatives can search for students matching specific criteria.

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  • EU Training

    Arboreus is an innovative e-learning company offering professional online trainings for European graduates, officials, managers, job seekers and others. Arboreus Online EU Training is Europe’s no.1 EPSO preparation website with more than 60.000+ users from 58 countries and over 15.000 test questions in 10+ languages. It also offers live webinars, classroom trainings, one-on-one coaching and Brussels EU Affairs Jobs Database.

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