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Early on the development community acknowledged the potential of Microsoft .NET technology. Its power comes from an extremely rich ecosystem where components are easily integrated, very scalable and highly customizable. Be it Active Directory for authentication or authorization; Exchange Server for mail/calendar/contact management; SQL Server and its add-on service family for data management, reporting and analysis or numerous office programs (Word, Outlook, Excel, etc); we know how to leverage standard functionality and adapt it for customer needs. For more than 10 years (starting with version 1.0 up to the latest release 4.5+) we have been participating in the community and delivered hundreds of .NET based projects. Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have Certified Technology Specialists and Certified Professional Developers in various fields and branches.

The team itself has adopted best practices recommended by Microsoft - starting from Team Foundation Server for source control, data collection, reporting, and project tracking to FxCop and StyleCop for code analysis. We ensure that you receive cost-effective, clearly-coded and optimized solutions that provide the best user experience.

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Faster development - one of fundamental advantages of PHP. Clarity in design, well organized modular structure and great support of various technologies make it one of the most popular platforms in the industry today. This, combined with the support of one of the largest independent communities, gives birth to the widest range of open source libraries and powerful frameworks for various industries (e-commerce, social networks, content management, media distribution and many others).

What does this mean for you? Lightning-speed start means early feedback and more room for maneuver as the project goes along. Cross-platform enables smooth operation across various hosting providers with very low initial requirements; less code means better quality, shorter stabilization phase and easier maintenance.

We have been delivering tailored and customized PHP applications since 2004. Our Zend Certified PHP Experts use all that experience to cater needs of any business. Carefully picking right tools, frameworks and processes we transform fast start into a successful public release.

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Ruby On Rails

Since Ruby on Rails was released in December 2005, it made a lot of buzz and excitement in developer’s community. Developers prefer Rails for its speed, maintainability and support. However, the main reason is – it is such a joy and fun working with it. WD joined the party with version 1.2 and now already celebrating the release of 4.0. We experimented with different interpreters (YARV, JRuby, Rubinius, IronRuby, MacRuby) and countless gems, we sank deep into Test/Behavior Driven Development and adopted Continuous Integration (Jenkins, TeamCity). Now the majority of our RoR developers are Ruby Masters (according to certification results at

What does this mean for you? Being truly Agile we deliver shippable product increments with lightning speed enabling you to launch early and collect user feedback. We will embrace all changes and help you steer in the right direction. We know how to leverage all that expertise aggregated by the open source community. There's no more reinventing the wheel. We only focus on things that are unique and add value to the project.

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We always supported the idea that your application is only as good as its interface is because it is the only way your app communicates with your user. Great apps look great. Today, we finally have tools that allow us to create truly great interfaces which do not only look amazing, but also behave.

Dynamic, responsive, beautiful, they enhance the web to those limits that were considered solely standalone applications premises before. Meet the new web.

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Rapid growth of mobile market has completely transformed the concept of modern software in the past 7 years. Everyone is carrying a mobile computer today. As a result, desktop and web, corporate and public – everything is going mobile. Millions of apps are hitting appstores every year.

What stays intact is the competition. Mobile market is more demanding than any other area of software development. Delivery speed, quality and unique user experience allow our customers to stand out of the crowd.

Itransition has a long history of mobile development starting as early as 2007. Since those days we have successfully launched hundreds of mobile applications for all of the major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry), helping our clients to skyrocket their businesses and conquer new markets.

Our team constantly researches standard mobile SDK’s in order to use them to their full extent. We experiment with numerous third-party libraries, willingly work with cross-platform frameworks (Unity, Titanium, PhoneGap, Sencha etc.) and enterprise applications (MDM). So if you are looking for a partner to build you a quality mobile system and leverage your business, think no longer.