IWebDev harnesses Xamarin capabilities to simultaneously extend your mobile presence across diverse platforms, while keeping the development efforts reasonable and overall solution unified.

Extend your mobile presence across diverse platforms, keeping the development efforts reasonable and overall solution unified.


Cross-platform Mobile Application Development

With a strong background in both C#-based systems and native application development, IWebDev team delivers custom cross-platform solutions for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, taking your application all the way from the initial concept to the final launch.

Unified Architecture Engineering

We focus on designing a robust technological architecture, making sure our Xamarin apps are seamlessly integrated into a holistic C#-based environment that unifies every component – from backend systems like ERP and CRM to middleware and mobile clients – under a single codebase.

Migration to Xamarin

You get a custom designed roadmap to transfer your existing system - web-based, desktop or native mobile - to Xamarin. Our experienced engineers support all the aspects of the migration to ensure the fast and seamless turnaround.

Enterprise Mobility

We also bring our Xamarin expertise onto the enterprise landscape, delivering comprehensive cross-platform applications to handle every aspect of your business processes.

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Platform Advantages

  • Native User Interface

    Built with native user interface controls, Xamarin-based applications provide dynamic and rich user interfaces that look and behave just like native ones.

  • Accelerated Development

    With Xamarin.Forms the same business logic can be shared between multiple mobile platforms, resulting in faster product launch and reduced development efforts.

  • Better Maintainability

    Providing the ability to introduce new changes for one platform and instantly deploy them on the other, Xamarin ensures better app maintainability and quicker adoption of cutting-edge features.

  • Cloud Testing

    Xamarin Test Cloud and Insights allow running automated tests on hundreds of devices and monitoring your apps in the real time, addressing all the quality requirements.

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Going Xamarin:

  • 1 The application needs to be deployed on two or more operating systems within relatively tight timeframe and budget
  • 2 The code, data and logic of the application require easy, effortless sharing across multiple platforms
  • 3 No detailed platform-specific adaptations of application’s UI or behavior are required

Going Native:

  • 1 The application requires complex, unique user interface and custom behavior
  • 2 The highest possible performance is the fundamental requirement for the future application
  • 3 The project size is rather small, so implementing a native solution will result in lesser time and effort

Unified System Codebase


C# + XIB



Windows Phone


Shared C# Codebase

Business Logic Layer
Data Access Layer
Data Storage Layer


Xamarin for iOS

With tools like MonoTouch, iOS Designer and WatchKit, building sophisticated, business-centered applications for iOS devices, including Apple Watch, becomes easy and time-saving.

Xamarin for Android

Designed with Xamarin’s MonoDroid and Android Designer, applications for Android provide full-featured functionality and native-like performance, and also fully support Android Wear.

Xamarin for Windows Phone

Xamarin allows using the common code across Portable Class Libraries or Shared Projects and employ them not only for Windows Phone, but also for other C# platforms like WPF or Windows Runtime.


  • C#


  • Visual Studio
  • Xamarin Studio

User Interface

  • Xamarin.Forms
  • iOS Designer
  • Android Designer


  • MonoTouch
  • MonoDroid

Other Tools

  • Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Xamarin Insights
  • NuGet
  • WatchKit



  • Waiting Line Management System

    A mobile application allowing to manage and prioritize waiting lines at restaurants and stores. The solution enables customers to advance or skip long queues for a fee, decreasing the waiting times and so helping people to get to their ultimate destinations faster. By paying the fee individuals can prioritize their placement in the line, or even enter a separate queue only for prioritized individuals.

  • Wardflex

    Available for both desktop computers and tablets, the Wardflex sizing application allows its users to make layouts of the gas piping system that they are going to install and calculate the sizes of the required tubing based on the information users input.

  • Shopco

    Shopco tablet application assists in designing a food service application for stores and restaurants.
    It represents a catalog of cabinets, accessories and other units. Users are able to create the design drawing and see the quote result of selected items from the catalog.

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